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3DOTS Capital Advisory

Who We Are

3DOTS is a privately owned international financial services company with over 100 years of combined capital market experience. Our focus is global, our offices are located in Central & South America, the UK, Italy & North America.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of global finance, navigating the complexities of capital markets can be a daunting task for businesses, investors, and institutions alike. In such an environment, the role of 3DOTS Capital Advisory services becomes pivotal, offering tailored guidance and expertise to help our clients make informed decisions, optimize financial strategies, and capitalize on opportunities.

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Areas of Expertise

Disciplined Approach to our mandates

Our targeted business characteristics are typically found in asset-light service businesses or product businesses.

Middle Market Focus

3DOTS traditionally focuses on the lower-middle market. We are “enterprise value” oriented and look for companies that have enterprises values between $50 and $500 million.

Geography and Regional Scope

We seek to invest in global businesses with an emphasis on Central and South America (LATAM), European Union (Italy, Spain, and UK), and Middle East (Saudi Arabi, UAE).

Selection Criteria

We look for high-quality companies led by talented management teams who care deeply about the businesses they run.

Flexible View

Where is makes financial sense 3DOTS may invest alongside partners including entrepreneurs, family owners, management, financial sponsors and corporates.

Not a Broker-Dealer. You acknowledge that 3DOTS Capital Advisory (“3DOTS”) propose to initially act solely in the capacity as a finder and advisor. In the event that 3DOTS successfully introduce the company to a third party and the company enters into a transaction with that third party, then 3DOTS may be entitled to a fee pursuant to an executed Agreement. In all events, 3DOTS Capital Advisory Corp. is not a broker-dealer, shall not operate as a broker or dealer, is not holding itself out as a broker or dealer and is not engaged in the business of buying or selling securities or otherwise required to register with the National Association of Securities Dealers.
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