Capital Markets Advisory

3DOTS Capital Advisory partners with its clients to chart a course and navigate through the capital  formation process, from assessing funding requirements, and to identifying capital sources.

In  many cases, the public offering of shares is a fundamental strategic option for company  consideration. Our pre-IPO and IPO services facilitate a company’s transition from the private to  the public sector. Drawing on our decades-long capital markets experience and relationships,  we: 

  • Conduct valuation analyses. 
  • Assist with due diligence and preparation. 
  • Evaluation of attractiveness and investment thesis of the company and industry
    Provide introductions to key personnel such as investment banks, legal and audit  professionals. 
  • Assessment of the prospects of a public offering relative to other capital raising  alternatives 
  • Appraisal of trends and key factors influencing the development of capital markets  and the public offering 
  • Assessment of the prospects of public offering and the necessary steps to affect an  IPO. 
  • Serving as an intermediary with all parties involved throughout the IPO process.
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