Senior Stock Exchange Listings

Stock exchange assessment and selection are critical functions; they are often key factors  impacting company acceptance and performance in the public sector.

3DOTS Capital Advisory enjoys preeminent relationships with a broad range of internationally recognized exchanges,  including the NASDAQ, NYSE, and EURONEXT. Leveraging these KEY relationships, we work with  companies to identify, facilitate and execute direct listing, 3DOTS, dual-listing and cross-listings.  

We shepherd the listing process from initiation through to completion, providing the following  range of services: 

  • Assessment of company qualifications relative to exchange requirements
    Identification of listing alternatives, both domestic and international 
  • Analysis of comparable company listings for each relevant exchange 
  • Introductions to, and meetings with, senior exchange personnel 
  • Fulfillment and filing of listing application(s) and supporting materials.
    Development of listing resolution(s) 
  • Serving as an intermediary with exchange analysts throughout the review and  approval process 
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